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    Discount Home Heating

Discount Home Heating.

Furnace Oil Delivery.

Discount home heating is our specialty. Our promise to you is to deliver the highest quality furnace oil to your home or business with fast and friendly service. You can trust in Dependable Fuels to deliver your next order of furnace oil with no disappointments. We know when ordering, you expect fast and efficient service and that is why you can rely on Dependable Fuels.

We take the privacy of any personal information collected very seriously and ensure that your information is never shared with any third party. We take the utmost care when delivering to your home to not disturb any plants or lawn ornaments you may have, to be aware of any pets and make sure all gates are closed behind us when we leave.

We work in conjunction with a local service provider for any servicing, repair or replacement needs you may require to your furnace, oil tank or hot water tank.

When you choose Dependable Fuels for your furnace oil needs, you trust in us that we will provide the best customer service possible, we care about our customers. If you have any special requests when ordering please do not hesitate to ask, we will do our best to accommodate.

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On-site Refueling

On-site refueling is our most popular service. Our setup allows us to pump fuel into equipment and on-site storage tanks at a slower pump rate than normal to eliminate overflow and kickback, in turn eliminating any spill hazard.



We are here when you need us, we work with road, residential and business construction and we pride ourselves on keeping prices low even for the smallest order. No minimum delivery is required. Our drivers are committed to staying on site if needed at no additional cost.

Fleet refueling

Have your fleet ready to go in the morning or the night before, we work around the clock to meet the needs of our customers. We can ensure your equipment is fuelled up before you start your work day. Call us to ask about our automatic delivery or emergency fuel services.

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